Monday, 17 March 2014

MAGIC SOAP | Addition

Mr. Bronner, you've impressed me. I'm understanding why so many people love this range of soaps. I was recommended this by my Naturopath when I went to see her just over 2 weeks ago. She suggested I move to as natural and simple of skincare as possible, and had great things to say about the Mr. Bronner's Magic "All in One" Tea Tree Liquid Soap. She suggested that I use it after I remove all my makeup. I've also been using it as my morning cleanser. I've enjoyed it so far!

I've also been using it in the shower to wash my neck, chest and arms. And in the bath with epsom salts. The tea tree is really invigorating and refreshing. And a little really does go a long way. I've used it twice to wash my makeup brushes. It seems to be a gentle, but very effective way to remove all the makeup. I've also washed my hair with it, and although it didn't lather quite as nicely as I would have liked, my scalp felt clean and wasn't irritated at all (I have a VERY dry scalp). I will admit that using it as a shampoo was my least favourite way I've used it so far.

I can't fault this soap at all. If I had drier skin, maybe it would be a little too drying. But it seems to work really well for my combination skin. Even if it didn't work on my face, I would still love it. The uses are really endless.

Have you tried this soap? What are your thoughts? Are there any uses you would suggest for me?

Would you like to see a post about my first experience seeing a Naturopath / a journey through my attempt to determine what the causes of acne are for me?


  1. This sounds impressive! I do love using natural products, especially on my face as my skin is so sensitive, will definitely keep an eye out for this!
    Totally understand your shampoo worries as well, it doesn't feel like your hair has been washed without the lather haha :(

  2. what a great multi-use product, i'm quite wary of soap as a facial cleaser as it dries me out but this sounds fab for you i'm so glad it's working !
    Lauren x

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  3. Glad you're loving this! Dr. Bronner's comes in such great scents and the formula is so gentle. I use it to clean my brushes too! xo

  4. I've never tried this but it sounds good!

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

  5. I really love tea tree, but I have some dry spots on my face now. Maybe I'll try this in the summer when my skin is more combo!

  6. I dont think I should try this as my skin is VERY dry.. But good review anyway!

    Annie R Lindberg @

  7. I never thought to use this as a facial cleanser. I've been using it to clean my brushes and it does a fantastic job at that!

  8. I was so hesitant.. But my naturopath suggested it & I haven't been let down! x

  9. There are tons more ways to use it than just a face wash x

  10. The other versions might be more gentle, not sure, but worth a look into x